About the Artist

Honolulu Museum of Art Faculty Show, 2013.

Honolulu Museum of Art Faculty Show, 2013

I am a freelance fiber artist and needle-felting instructor living & working in Ashland, Oregon. I grew up in the quiet town of West Newbury, MA, and have always had a love of animals, the arts, and the outdoors.

In 2009 I graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art with a BFA in Illustration- a degree that allowed me to explore felt making as a potential for illustration as well as fine art.

I have been teaching felt making since 2010, and create new artwork daily. My travels have led me all over the New England area, to Arizona, Hawaii, and most recently to Northern California and Oregon!

You can view my resume/CV here

Wooly Wonders- Featured Artist show at the Ashland Art Center‘Wooly Wonders’- Featured Artist show at the Ashland Art Center

About my Artwork

All of my creations are created of hand-felted wool. There is no knitting, sewing, stuffing, or patterns involved in felting. Each piece is a completely one of a kind fiber-art creation.

Liza working on a Giant Jellyfish Lamp

Liza working on a Giant Jellyfish Lamp

Inspired by the natural world and my fiber material, animal sculptures and portraits come to life in all shapes and sizes. I pay special attention to the little details like paw pads, tongue, eyes, expressive faces, and capturing particular markings & gestures.

Pet portraits & miniatures, lifelike animal sculpture, carousel ornaments, and Waldorf inspired gnomes and fantasy creatures are created using a special barbed ‘felting needle’. All wearable items and murals are created using wet-felting- a technique that uses soap & water to tangle the fibers into felt.

Custom requests are always welcomed! Send images of a beloved pet or furry friend and I can create a detailed 3D miniature or 2D frame-able fiber art portrait.

About the Felting Techniques I use

I was introduced to the world of hand-felting wool by Beth & Larry Beede in 2007 while attending the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Since then, all my creative energy has been put exclusively towards exploring the functional & sculptural potential of hand felting.

Beth told us that anything you can imagine you can create of wool. I took her words to heart and I am continually exploring this amazing art form.

I couldn’t have imagined that when I shrunk my favorite hat into a doll-sized one, that I was seeing wools unique ability to tangle itself into a dense, durable, non-knitted, fabric-like material known as ‘felt’.

The term ‘hand-felting’ implies artists are tangling the fibers by hand, rather than using a washing machine to do the hard work. Both wet & needle felters use wool roving- that is wool that has been cleaned & carded, or brushed into long continuous strips of fiber. It is then dyed in a huge variety of colors, or left natural, and sold primarily to spinners- who turn it into wool yarn.

Needle Felting is a sculpture technique that involves poking a sharp, barbed needle into wool fibers to tangle them into ‘felt’. I use this technique to create all my animal sculpture, and add details to murals and functional items.

Wet-felting allows the creation of wearable & functional items. These include hats, vests, mittens, slippers, murals, and more!

I love exploring both techniques; creating large scale creations that are
durable, detailed, functional, sculptural, unique, whimsical & wonderful!

Felting Classes & Workshops

A group of students with parents looking on- Classes are held in Upstairs Studio 4 of the Ashland Art Center!

A group of students with parents looking on- Classes are held in Upstairs Studio 4 of the Ashland Art Center!

I began teaching felting in 2010 at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH. I led felting classes for children, adults, as well as outreach programs, homeschool groups, birthday parties, and one-on-one instruction.

In 2012 I moved to the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, and began teaching at the Honolulu Museum of Art School. I led workshops on wet & needle felting, and a 14 week felting intensive where we created a huge variety of felted wool creations! I also led workshops for the Big Brother Big Sister Program, and led drop-in felting classes at the Art Explorium in Kaimuki, HI.

Needle-felting is intuitive, fun, and almost meditative- until you poke a finger with the needle. The objects one can create are soft, yet durable, fuzzy and warm. You can see my current and upcoming classes here!